the academic

Five things really fire me up:

  1. The sickly state of the American diet-it all started with Palm Oil and High Fructose Corn Syrup – read a book people!
  2. Animal welfare issues-I don’t eat things with faces…check out my Vegan-ish blog: Veg BonVivant.
  3. The rights of women-You legislate your penis, I will legislate my vagina. Thank you.
  4. Helping students-Hey, someone must aid them in navigating college life and build professional relationships, may as well be me.
  5. Technology-It. Is. So. Cool.
adri summer freckles

Image: April G. from GR

My name is Adrienne Wallace. I love school; well, information really. I have a BS in Health Communications, MS in Communications, MPA in Government & NonProfit Administration, and I’m here at the big dance as a PhD student. I have hair the color of Rock and Rye, on purpose. If you haven’t heard of Faygo pop, made right here in Michigan, I am not interested in being your friend, seriously.

I’m what you might call feisty. I’m also, an anxious, whimsical event planner, social media geek-like way before you were, PhD student in Kzoo, award-winning PR pro with some kick ass chicks at 834 Design & Marketing, professor at the Grandest of Valleys, a unicorn, wannabe chef, can’t-say-no-non-profit volunteer junkie, petite sirah/syrah lush, beer snob, crazy about my rescue pups Walter, Porter, & Bosley, madly addicted to chapstick, a hopeless romantic, and married to a guy WAY smarter than meI don’t eat anything with a face and will stop traffic to save turtles, birds, Bambi, butterflies, caterpillars and so on. For fun, I run, yeah, really.

I’m not perfect, in fact this blog needs a lot more work.  Over breaks I will drop in links to the online resources to zip you over to something relevant, but as these are published they will just be words and ideas. Words on a blog.

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